What Service Do I Provide For You?

I help usher in a new mindset.

For many reasons most people living in this period of history have adopted the ideology of statism, some slightly and others to a very large degree. There is a cure for this affliction and it starts with understanding that the equilibrium forces of the economy are hindered by intervention. Instead of the natural process of healing, statism aggravates all wounds and creates new wounds and introduces infectious diseases.

I am the author of the series of books that serve as the foundation for the divine economy theory. The divine economy theory is tied to the past, it is now here in the present, and it will be the economic theory adopted by humankind in the future – a future of peace and prosperity, of health and happiness.

It is what is needed to move out of the Dark Ages of economics. It is the cure of the plague of statism.

Contact me – we’ll find our bearings and begin the journey.