Subjective Nature Versus Ego-Driven

Subjective decisions are always based on unique knowledge about what is best for oneself and in that sense it is related to the ego, naturally. But there is a duality to the human nature. When an action goes beyond its boundary (only someone ego-driven would pretend to know what is best for some other subjective person) because the negative aspect of the ego stirs within the arrogance to pretend to know others better than they know themselves then it is correct to refer to it as “ego-driven” which comes with an accompanying negative connotation.

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Savings Is The Saving Grace For Humankind.

The whole purpose of production is to ameliorate scarcity and provide goods and services for consumption (use). Savings is the saving grace for humankind because it is what finances all production and therefore consumption. The most limiting factor in the economy is capital, capital which is necessary for production to occur.

Savings is the foundation resource because upon it depends the capital needed for production.

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