Ethical Development Is Undermined By Statism.

Never in a million years would I desire to use my money to fund bombing of people all over the world. Yet I cannot decline sending in my money and I cannot prevent the war propaganda from infiltrating the media and the ‘education’ system.

Why are the worst offenses like counterfeiting, killing, lying, and stealing acceptable when it is done by the State?

Statism is the thought and idea that some entity with the vested interests of power and control can know what is best for each subjective human being. Statism erroneously and necessarily undermines what the grace of God has provided for humankind – the market process – which is where every subjective human being comes together in social cooperation. A part of that process is ethical development which is also undermined when statism deprives humankind of the market process.

The great irony is that when the ideology of statism takes hold of the minds, then people look to the State for ethics!!! What an illusion that becomes.

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The Market Process is Competitive, Entrepreneurial.

Have you noticed how products keep getting better and more plentiful? Of course this is interfered with by acts of intervention motivated by politics. But the focus of this post is to notice competitive entrepreneurship.

It is in the competitive market where the entrepreneur plays a critical role. Paradoxically, as it happens, the market process is competitive because it is entrepreneurial. Market information is acquired through the experience of market participation. And entrepreneurial action is taken in response to the changes that occur in the market data, assuming that the changes are detected.

So it is that prospective decisions of buyers and sellers at every step in the production process are subjected to this competitively alert scrutiny.

Imagine how bleak the world would be without this dynamic process driven by competitive entrepreneurship.

Now there is a free email course (5 lessons) to introduce you to this new economic technology.

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