Slander And Calumny Violate Property Rights.

Elizabeth had been working diligently at her job for about ten months. It was her second ‘real’ job and she was gaining new skills and confidence. Ostensibly it was her political views, but other factors like envy and jealousy made her subject to slander and calumny with the goal being to prevent her from being given more responsibility at the workplace. If we assume that Elizabeth is being misrepresented most people would think that she should have a way to protect her reputation.

There is an identity within the divine economy theory that strongly anchors human rights to each individual. That identity is “human rights are property rights and property rights are human rights.”

We are living in the Dark Ages of economics and one of the evidences of that is the weakening of property rights and therefore human rights. With the predominance of the ideology of statism around the world all property rights are subject to the whims of those who use the State to achieve their goals.

This is why property rights are always dwindling rather than being refined and further refined so that they can become more and more useful and powerful. The weakening of understanding of property rights has many far-reaching consequences, one being the weakening of human rights.

When people see the world through the colored lens of the ideology of statism they confuse human rights so much that they actually turn towards the violator of property rights/human rights as the arbiter. Under these circumstances property rights/human rights are politicized, in other words, there will not be justice.

Punishing slander and calumny is a function of a system of justice. I am not saying that the system of justice that most depend upon in the United States  is “functional” but rather that if that is the ends sought (Punishing slander and calumny is a function of a system of justice.) then pursuit within society needs to be towards finding the best means.

It is not difficult to imagine a system of justice that would prevent all such fraud but that system will not be a State-controlled monopoly. There will have to be at least some other alternatives available.

We are back to the example of slander and calumny. Damages have occurred as a result of the slander and calumny. Those who deliberately damage the property rights/human rights of another must realize that there are negative consequences for such ill deeds.

In the short term probably the best means to secure justice is to defend oneself with facts, appeal to the decency of the righteous, counter to the best of one’s ability the propagandistic nature of calumny, and seek justice through a civil trial by a jury of peers.

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Intellectual Property And The Human Spirit.

Every idea comes from the invisible realm and there is no ownership there.

The idea is brought into the visible world by someone and only if they want to make a false claim of ownership does the issue of intellectual property come into existence.

At the same time the ‘discovery’ component of entrepreneurship does benefit those who are alert but that is an ephemeral condition and can only be artificially extended by the presence of the State. Anyone who objects to the mythical necessity of the State will want the natural ebb and flow of pure entrepreneurship to reward those who bring ideas from the invisible world for the benefit of humankind. That is what stimulates the desire to be alert, changing entrepreneurship from latent to active.

This is what can be understood as providence, for both humanity and for those who are exercising their God-given entrepreneurial spirit.

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Divine Economy Theory Exposes And Erases Marx and Keynes.

One of the distinguishing features of the divine economy is the absence of the ego-driven interventionists. The logic of the divine economy theory proves that intervention into the economy is a corruption. Therefore to transform the economy from its current stricken condition to its preordained state of affairs, the interventionists need to be rendered impotent.

Divine economy theory proves that there is no authority given to any human to intervene for the simple reason that no mind could possibly foresee all of the consequences. All acts of intervention ultimately create injustices in the world.

The two most well known interventionists are Karl Marx and Lord Keynes. It is no coincidence that each of these individuals were tremendous egotists. Their designs for the world were merely delusions of grandeur that were spurred on by their ego. This spiritual illness, them being consumed by their egos, is reflected in their economic views. Theirs is the dishonor of being unquestionably known as interventionists extraordinaire.

We are now entering a new era in economic theory, one which is freed from the shackles of intervention. There is no longer any reason to pay any attention to the fallacious theories of ego-driven interventionists. A great deal of the current economic plight and blight stems directly from adherence to their doctrines.

It is time to erase the names and doctrines of Marx and Keynes from modern economic thought since the expression of their dark natures in ‘economic and political literature’ caused mankind to trudge through a very dark period in history – one that is full of injustices and corruption.

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Subjectiveness, Happiness, Competition, And Excellence In All Things.

It is true that each person makes choices for themselves, knowing themselves (inside and out!) and this subjective decision-making is done in an effort to bring about or increase happiness. There is an effort made to improve one’s circumstances and align them with what is valued subjectively. This striving for betterment is like the athlete who wants to perform better in a competitive spirit to achieve at a higher level, to be more satisfied and happier. This striving for higher degrees of excellence is part of a natural competitive drive for happiness; in alignment with what is valued subjectively.

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