Is Subjective Valuation Misunderstood?

Subjective valuation is totally misunderstood all of the time in these, the Dark Ages of economics. The empirical ‘economists’ have convinced people that choices are selfish not subjective. They cannot allow the idea of subjectivism (that would undermine their incorrect methodology) and so the only way they can explain choices by individuals is to call it selfish. This also opens the door (how convenient!) for these self-acclaimed experts to ‘correct’ selfishness in society.

Because the empiricists are ignorant of the correct scientific methodology for economics (the methodology of subjectivism) they become the ego-driven interpreters who use ego-driven intervention for social engineering. So what ends up happening is that their corruption of the economy becomes cumulative.

They have no moral authority for two reasons: 1). they are using an incorrect scientific methodology, and 2). the infinitely dynamic and complex market process is far, far, far beyond human comprehension and so their puny attempts to interpret and intervene are without moral authority.

If you want clarity about this issue read the series of booksthat explain the divine economy theory.


What Is Classical Liberalism?

It really started with the application of Aristotelian logic by the early learned ones – the monks – within the Christian world. In essence it was a sincere effort to harmonize science and religion. Significantly what emerged was the methodology of subjectivism.

Ask me about the methodology of subjectivism.

Education Is Your Responsibility!

When the young boy and girl grew up, passing through the tumult of adolescence, the knowledge and wisdom gained by traversing these experiences made it clear that part of maturity is acting responsibly and this brings joy and prosperity to oneself and others.

It is now very clear that turning over your children to the State-controlled ‘education’ system is irresponsible! How many bizarre mandates and bad fruits have to come to your attention before you do the responsible thing – find an alternative way to educate your children?

One first step is to feel the encouragement that gives you the confidence that empowers you to act maturely and responsibly. Read this book!

Socialism = Declination.

When there is no incentive to save the immediate consequences are not seen unless socialism is full-blown and chronic.

If a society has in the past had incentives to save, then when it transitions to socialism the full effect of this destructive ideology will be masked by capital consumption. There will still be resources carried over from the earlier times when capital was used to generate products for the future.

Examine the incentives to save in socialism. You do not own anything because it is collectivized. Some may reply ‘that is only in an extreme system of socialism but other lesser degrees of socialism allow ownership.’ But at some point the table tips because the disincentives to be the productive members of society become too great. Why work hard and save when others who do not work hard and save receive the benefits? This progressively whittles away at the numbers who are willing to work hard and save.

When you do not own the place where you live and it needs repair do you (or will most people) do the repairs?

The declination and deterioration begins to set in. Look at Venezuela.

Getting out of the blight of socialism is far more difficult than being lulled into it. Without ownership there is very little incentive to save (“Save for what?” is the pressing question.) which means that over time there are less and less available goods and services, eventually leading to the extreme system where the political class has all the wealth and the rest are impoverished.

Why would politicians strive for this? First, they are the ones in the political class. Then there are those who are actually militant Marxists who think that helping to destroy capitalism leads to the glorious age of communism!

How can politicians get away with portraying socialism as a noble ends? First, there is enough remnant capital that hides – in the short run – the destructiveness of socialism. Second, the politician demonizes wealth and enables the State:

  • to distract attention away from its corruption
  • to extract even more from those who have wealth, sustaining the State
  • and this also satisfies the envy of the masses.

Third, the politician actually unabashedly promises to give people some of the wealth that it confiscates from the wealthy. Fourth, the politician allows the State to counterfeit the currency and amass great debt to give the illusion of viability.

Socialism = Declination. It is the destroyer of civilization.

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