Ego-Driven Interpretation And Ego-Driven Interventionism Spawned The State.

The origin of communism stems from heretical Christianity. Several early clerics succumbed to their own ego-driven interpretation, which lead them to conclude that property within the city-states should be common and these clerics embarked on social experiments of communism. From these origins came other ego-driven interpreters, trying their hands at replication. Later on, ego-driven interventionists came upon the scene and to them the need for a religious foundation dropped out yet pursuance of the perverse ideals of communism continued.

The emergence of the State and its prejudice of nationalism stems from the breaking of the Covenant of Muhammad. The epoch of human civilization that received the Dispensation of Muhammad cradled within itself the inherent characteristics of nationhood. Muhammad verbally appointed Ali as His Successor but once the Covenant was violated the means to carry out the true nature of the nation disappeared precisely during this epoch of fundamental nation-building. Instead of having a divine civilization characteristic of the time of nation-building what emerged was an ego-driven alternative. The energies released for the betterment of human civilization were used instead to gain power and led to the formation of the State. Thus we entered into a period of history where, instead of a divine civilization, the highest attainment was the darkness of nationalism.

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Laissez-Faire Instead Of Ego-Driven Mixed Economies.

All versions of a ‘mixed’ economy are failures. Those who criticize capitalism are really criticizing cronyism and fascism (and these are unquestionably failures), not the free market.

Those who claim that the free market has been tried and cannot work 1). don’t know theory and 2). have no empirical evidence and 3). ignore the fact that all of the alternatives and every type of interventionism have failed miserably.

The state-of-the art theory of laissez-faire is the divine economy theory. To everyone who doubts whether an unhampered free market can rescue humanity from oppression and injustice and bring about peace and prosperity it is incumbent upon them to do their homework and read about the divine economy theory.

Commercial Aspect to Virtues – Assertiveness.

Nobody can read your mind. If you take it upon yourself to make sure that others know what is important to you then you can claim to be assertive.
The market is a dynamic process and it requires some assertive behavior to function properly. The alert entrepreneurs are actually assertive about the discrepancies that they find and they are assertive in applying their subsequent action.
It is this dispersal of knowledge that results from the actions taken by the entrepreneurs that keeps the whole system working and keeps knowledge flowing. Assertive and active entrepreneurs are, therefore, major contributors to the elimination of ignorance.
Here we have entrepreneurship as an example of the service emerging from assertiveness. By acquiring and practicing assertiveness the speed and accuracy of the flow of knowledge will improve, leading to the discovery of more opportunities. A ‘premium,’a price, is ascribed to the practice of the virtue, in this case ‘assertiveness.’ In other words, there is a commercial aspect to the virtue. It is a ‘traceable’ market phenomenon.
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Let’s Not Go There!

There is no such thing as a mixed economy. There are no free market economies in the world today, only interventionism, which tends either towards fascism or socialism. The economically ignorant masses (propagandized by State-controlled ‘education’ and the State-controlled media) unknowingly choose totalitarianism over liberty and justice. It is reassuring to know that the equilibrium forces in operation are divine and will ultimately prevent humankind from proceeding all the way to the soulless end – that of totalitarianism.

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Odd, But Poverty Is An Early Stage Of Economic Growth.

Involvement in a productive endeavor is a valuable exercise of social cooperation and all kinds of social cooperation, including work, stir ideas and innovations. Greater confidence and acquired skills combined with an income stream and the possibility of savings leads to a furthering of the process of economic growth from the ”ground up.”

Humans use their income to buy what they need, to subsist. If their income exceeds subsistence then they can save, which is how capital becomes a productive factor. Humans are social – physically, mentally, and spiritually – and so they recognize the blessings and advantages of cooperating. A small savings can become a pool of savings and a simple idea can be refined through consultation. This is part of the process of economic growth.
For the individual faced with poverty and for the nation that is relatively poor compared to other nations it is the ability to find work that is voluntarily chosen that begins the process of economic growth for that individual and for that society.

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Why Are We Living In The Dark Ages Of Economics?

The flow of knowledge is optimized in an unhampered market economy – nonintervention – simply because of the finite nature of humans. Humans are neither omnipresent nor omniscient. The market suffices.

All economic intervention is essentially ego-driven since anyone claiming to know what is best is deluding himself or herself and such an act lacks moral authority and impedes the flow of knowledge. The equilibrium force that brings harmony and balance and reciprocity is part of God’s creation of humans as social beings. To seek an ego-driven solution to an ego-driven interpretation of the problem instead of understanding the divine nature of the economy is the reason why we are living in the Dark Ages of economics.

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