“Human Essence of Economics” – microeconomics book is almost here!

My publisher is taking the final steps in the publishing process. Then it will be available on Amazon, and Barnes & Noble, and Apple. What is extremely exciting about this news is that once “Human Essence of Economics” is available both macroeconomics (“More Than Laissez-Faire”) and microeconomics will be easily accessible to anyone anywhere in the world. The divine economy theory will revolutionize how people think economically!


What Is The Relationship Between Education And Subjectivism?

The joy of the soul is best perpetuated once it is introduced into the matrix of this world if it can follow a pathway of purity and sanctity and illumination. The ideal situation is pure water; and nutritious food; and loving parents that extends over time to loving family and friends; and teachers who are compassionate, having a good sense of humor, freed from prejudices, and who know how to encourage and stimulate learning.
Based on what are the real circumstances that are experienced each individual, then, is a subjective human being.
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Thymology and Praxeology.

Thymology, is the study of the human mind by human minds in human terms (Sunwall). Ludwig von Mises introduced this new term to designate the traditional humanistic discipline of psychology: “Thymology is . . . what everybody learns from intercourse with his fellows. It is what a man knows about the way in which people value different conditions, about their wishes and desires and their plans to realize these wishes and desires. It is the knowledge of the social environment in which a man lives and acts.”

As you can see it is subjective but not visible in action. That which is visible in action is part of praxeology.


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