Even More So Than Austrian Economics!

Numbers and data cannot get up and move around, dance to the music, rejoice in friendship, change their minds, or relish moments of fellowship or searching inquiry.

What happens when the youth find out that economics is a philosophical science?

One of the exciting developments in economics is the emergence of a new economic theory and the associated new economic technology. In this digital world of ours, with the potential swiftness of lightning this knowledge can reach almost everyone; everyone that is connected in some way to the internet.

Predominantly this audience is the youth of the world. Now imagine these youth seeking answers to important questions and during the process of search discovering this new economic theory. Since it is logical and organic and causal-realistic the minds of these young people will quickly grasp its relevance and importance.

Then these knowledgeable young people will run into a brick wall!!!

They will find that they are supposed to memorize the doctrines of empirical economics for accreditation purposes.

This will be at the same time as the whole ‘education system’ is being ostracized as merely a propaganda tool, used by statists to try to prop up the corrupt and inept political system designed to empower the State.

If you add the likes and dislikes of this person and that person and divide it by the number of people in the subset you get some static quasi data point and with this the social engineers can play with your lives.

Their ‘professors’ will ask them to memorize ‘economic’ nonsense and yet they will not be able to answer the probing, relevant, and moral questions of the youth. In almost a comical way these ‘professors’ will be reduced to obsolescence. This will contribute to the crumbling of the ‘education system’, along with all of the other reasons to discard it.

The divine economy theory will expose the fallacies of contemporary economics in these Dark Ages of economics even more so than Austrian economics. That withering away of useless institutions is one of the necessary processes of disintegration that will usher in a new era in economics; one that is truly scientific, and one which like Austrian economics uses the correct scientific methodology – the subjective methodology.

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Educayshun Is Not Education.

So what is shunned in educayshun?

The concept that property rights are human rights and that human rights are property rights.

Shunning this is part of the ideology of statism – where there really are no individual rights to ownership – because collectivization is what the State says yields a higher good.

The concept of humans as subjective beings is shunned.

Shunning this is part of the ideology of statism – where individuals are regarded as being as predictable as atoms – because that enables the empiricists to devise schemes that can be used by the State to orchestrate control.

In contrast education is all about the beauty of the human reality and how to release that potential.

Human beings are creative and all of these creations contribute to the higher good. When human creativity is honored and shown respect this is clearly a proper recognition of human rights. Hand in hand, reciprocally and harmoniously, property rights / human rights are the gems that education polishes and the outcome is the advancement of civilization.

Another wondrous feature of education is bringing to fruition the unique contributions that each person has to offer since all humans are subjective and have unmatched experiences in life that make their insights and actions unlike anyone else’s. The great flowering that is wholly unknown until nurtured by a proper education far surpasses the vain imaginings of the myopic empiricists/statists.

The choice is clear. Reject the educayshun provided coercively by the State and find alternative education so human civilization can advance.

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How To Ensure Success On Your Next Business Trip – Tip #1.

There are ways to succeed in your field of expertise and I wish you the best in your execution of those methods and techniques. In addition, most business trips have some more or less lull periods of travel or of adjusting to lodging accommodations. To use this time to gain an understanding of economics would make the business trip even more of a success.

Your first thought may be that it seems impossible to get your mind around economics in such a short period of time. But what if I was to tell you that in the spare time that one has during a typical business trip you can read “More Than Laissez-Faire” and learn more about economics from a macroeconomic perspective than by any other means – that includes all those boring economics books or the useless ‘economics’ that is being taught in high schools and colleges.

The challenge is to test this claim.

“More Than Laissez Faire” is 96 pages long with 65 diagrams – all conceptual – using the methodology of subjectivism which means that there are none of the boring, useless numbers that are typical of the status quo empirical analysis. Fortunately you will find that this excellent book is written in such a way that both a general audience and an economics-minded-reader will enjoy.

As a result, when you complete your business trip you will really feel like it was very productive and very successful!

Read it in your room or at a lounge.