How Deep Must The Ideological Change Be?

Well, considering the fact that we are living in the Dark Ages of economics the complete reversal away from statism towards liberalism is very deep!

And considering the fact that economics has detached itself from ethics the essential and now scientifically-possible merging of ethics and economics represents a change that is very deep!

It can be said that the ideological change is so deep that those individuals who have already reached maturity will have to unlearn their miseducation, and that those individuals who are building a foundation of knowledge as part of their maturing process will be able to be among the first generation to acquire an ideological framework that rests firmly on liberty and justice.

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Means And Ends Are Interconnected.

The purpose of science is to penetrate further and further into what is currently unknown.

The boundary that causes even the most distinguished of the economists that have correctly identified the subjective methodology as the proper scientific method for the human sciences is the boundary at the interface between economics and ethics. The literature makes it clear that this is the limit.

It is the limit – assuming that there is no new economic theory.

Imagine a technological breakthrough that changes everything! Why cannot a theory be seen as a technological discovery?

Only someone who is trying to avoid the obvious questions that repeatedly bounce off this boundary (if it is not really a boundary then it must just be manmade) would deny that ethics and economics are interwoven and intimate and complementary. And if ethics and economics are closely associated then wouldn’t it be a great discovery to find an economic theory that included ethics as a powerful dimension?

The answer is yes!!!


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What Happens If Coercion Is Removed From Society?

It is replaced by social cooperation which is the natural order.

In the natural order voluntary societies will form with the size varying but generally these societies will be fairly small and the societies will be very diverse. Specific aspects of social cooperation within each society will be a part of its defining characteristics but since everyone benefits from social cooperation the interactions between the diverse societies will be peaceful and everyone will prosper as a result.

Social cooperation is the greatest criterion for justice. If coercion does appear in a society then people will leave that society and that society will either change its ways or fade away. Individuals who fail to voluntarily cooperate with the ethics of a society will begin to feel repercussions from within that society. Perhaps another society has more compatible arrangements and that individual will be better off emigrating there. Asocial individuals will end up without a community. That is unfortunate but the ethics of social cooperation is ultimately the best way to provide justice.

There is no coercion. The ethics of each society develops and evolves, and is inspired by and moved by the evolving and developing ethics of civilization as a whole.


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Minimal Taxation.

If you look at the Divine Economy Model © you will notice that taxation does not appear to be present at all in the model. What this means is that, theoretically speaking, taxation is not necessarily present in a divine economy. Taxation is not necessarily absent either.

Economics is the study of the means to obtain the ends chosen. If some type of taxation is the best means for achieving order in a cooperative society that protects life and liberty then taxation serves a purpose and it is present.

In a society where property rights are well-defined, and refined, and protected, taxation will be either minimal or absent. As long as taxation is restrained by laws that protect and enforce property rights then taxes will be held to a minimum. The law and order of the divine economy is a reflection of life and liberty which means that taxes need to be zero or minimal so as not to disrupt the flow of knowledge inherent in the free market process.

Divine Economy Theory Policy #11: Since under most circumstances taxation is a deterrent to private production and employment there is no sound economic reason to generate tax revenue to support a government beyond its purpose. The purpose of government is to protect life and liberty.


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Attacking Capital Stems From What?

Preface: Crony capitalism is a manifestation of fascism and so of course it is deplorable. But that is not what a free society that appreciates capital looks like.

Those who attack capital out of ignorance of what it is as an economic concept, or those who attack capital for ideological reasons, are ultimately attacking property rights.

Those attacking capital for ideological reasons are fully aware that they are attacking property rights. While those attacking capital out of economic ignorance of the role of capital in the economy do not realize how destructive their ignorance is. Property rights are human rights and so their perverse objection to capital is destructive of civilization. The ideological opponents of capital are well aware of the destructiveness of their beliefs – they are anti-social and they are deniers of the nobility of the human spirit.

To remain ignorant of economics plays into the hands of the malevolent. If you are hesitant to read economics because it seems like a dry discipline then I suggest that you read the books in the divine economy theory series. Instead of something dry you will find something very thrilling!


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Universal Havoc Caused By Manipulation Of The Money Supply.

Manipulating the money supply affects all prices and certainly the price that connects the present to the future – the interest rate.

The false signals caused by manipulating the money supply cause malinvestment and over-consumption across all goods and services and of course it causes malinvestment and over-consumption of the goods and services that are sensitive to time. These false signals especially wreak havoc on the capital structure of the economy.


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Interventionism Causes The Rich To Get Richer And The Poor To Get Poorer.

Since humans are subjective it is impossible for arbitrary regulation to serve the individuals; which is exactly why self-regulation is condemned by the interventionists. Interventionists are serving themselves at the expense of individuals and their arbitrary regulations are not only scientifically invalid (since humans are subjective) but they enrich the interventionists and their friends at the expense of everyone else.

Interventionism is the manifestation of statism which is also a type of socialism. It is a scourge to human civilization.


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