Youth Will Feel Empowered By The Divine Economy Theory.

Numbers and data cannot

  • get up and move around,
  • dance to the music,
  • rejoice in friendship,
  • change their minds,
  • or relish moments of fellowship or of searching inquiry.

What happens when the youth find out that economics is a philosophical science?

One of the exciting developments in economics is the emergence of a new economic theory and the associated new economic technology. In this digital world of ours, with the potential swiftness of lightning, this knowledge can reach almost everyone; everyone that is connected in some way to the internet.

Predominantly this audience is the youth of the world. Now imagine these youth seeking answers to important questions and during the process of search discovering this new economic theory. Since it is logical and organic and causal-realistic the minds of these young people will quickly grasp its relevance and importance.

Then these knowledgeable young people will run into the brick wall of institutionalized statism!!!

They will find that they are supposed to memorize the doctrines of empirical economics for accreditation purposes.

This will be at the same time that the whole ‘education system’ is being ostracized as merely a propaganda tool, used by statists to try to prop up the corrupt and inept political system designed to empower the State.

If you add the likes and dislikes of this person and that person and divide it by the number of people in the subset you get some static quasi data point and with this the social engineers can play with your lives.

Students’ so-called ‘professors’ will ask them to memorize ‘economic’ nonsense and yet they will not be able to answer the probing, relevant, and moral questions of the youth. In almost a comical way these ‘professors’ will be increasingly reduced to obsolescence. This will contribute to the crumbling of the ‘education system’, along with all of the other reasons to discard it.

The divine economy theory will expose the fallacies of contemporary economics in these Dark Ages of economics. The withering away of useless statist institutions is one of the necessary processes of disintegration that will usher in a new era in economics; one that is truly scientific and one which, like Austrian economics, uses the correct scientific methodology – the subjective methodology.

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Why Does Statistical Statism Linger?

My neighbor is of average height and her age is the median age of the population in America. She consumes 100 kg of assorted vegetables annually and reads 1.5 books per week. What a phantom of information!

Statism will be overcome because it is a fallacious doctrine that relies upon an inappropriate use of statistics.

We are living in the Dark Ages of economics and statism is the plague of that period of human history. Always, throughout history, superstitions are discarded when they become universally recognized as silly or harmful.

One characteristic of the Dark Ages of economics is the denial of the subjective nature of humans and use of empiricism in the form of statistics for the human sciences. As long as this persists the State will use this tool to gain control and to try to seize more and more power.

Two things will change that:

1.     Since statism is an erroneous doctrine the consequences will be a civilization spiraling towards disintegration and for that reason it will be rejected. Humans cannot find satisfaction within a system of manipulation.

2.     The correct scientific methodology that recognizes the subjective nature of humans will be adopted and appreciated for its relevance, and the ridiculousness of statism will become widely known and evident and therefore it will be shunned.

Now there is a free email course (5 lessons) to introduce you to the divine economy theory.

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Marxism “Teaches” Classes Instead Of Individuals.

Shortly after birth the little girl began to focus her sight and her hearing on her surroundings. She recognized familiar voices and experienced great exhilaration seeing the faces of her mother and father and siblings. This did not change as the circle of people in her life expanded. Nothing could be more natural.

Then the prejudices seeped in. It is all a part of the false premises of classes.  This is the consequence of the adoption of the erroneous doctrines of Marxism that have so permeated all societies in these, the Dark Ages of economics. The dominance of this way of thinking, not coincidentally, coincides with the expansion of statism; with the State increasingly controlling what people learn.

Have you succumb to Marxism? The simple litmus test is “Do you think in terms of classes, races, ethnicity?” The degree that this thought comes to your mind is the degree that you have adopted Marxism. And my guess is that you do not want to be a Marxist to any degree since Marxism is the most destructive factor to an ever-advancing civilization.

One tremendously powerful cure of statism, in general, and Marxism, specifically, is learning about the divine economy theory. There are other ways but this is the most balanced and permanent.

Now there is a free email course (5 lessons) to introduce you to the divine economy theory.

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