Why Does Statistical Statism Linger?

My neighbor is of average height and her age is the median age of the population in America. She consumes 100 kg of assorted vegetables annually and reads 1.5 books per week. What a phantom of information!

Statism will be overcome because it is a fallacious doctrine that relies upon an inappropriate use of statistics.

We are living in the Dark Ages of economics and statism is the plague of that period of human history. Always, throughout history, superstitions are discarded when they become universally recognized as silly or harmful.

One characteristic of the Dark Ages of economics is the denial of the subjective nature of humans and use of empiricism in the form of statistics for the human sciences. As long as this persists the State will use this tool to gain control and to try to seize more and more power.

Two things will change that:

1.     Since statism is an erroneous doctrine the consequences will be a civilization spiraling towards disintegration and for that reason it will be rejected. Humans cannot find satisfaction within a system of manipulation.

2.     The correct scientific methodology that recognizes the subjective nature of humans will be adopted and appreciated for its relevance, and the ridiculousness of statism will become widely known and evident and therefore it will be shunned.

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