Marxism “Teaches” Classes Instead Of Individuals.

Shortly after birth the little girl began to focus her sight and her hearing on her surroundings. She recognized familiar voices and experienced great exhilaration seeing the faces of her mother and father and siblings. This did not change as the circle of people in her life expanded. Nothing could be more natural.

Then the prejudices seeped in. It is all a part of the false premises of classes.  This is the consequence of the adoption of the erroneous doctrines of Marxism that have so permeated all societies in these, the Dark Ages of economics. The dominance of this way of thinking, not coincidentally, coincides with the expansion of statism; with the State increasingly controlling what people learn.

Have you succumb to Marxism? The simple litmus test is “Do you think in terms of classes, races, ethnicity?” The degree that this thought comes to your mind is the degree that you have adopted Marxism. And my guess is that you do not want to be a Marxist to any degree since Marxism is the most destructive factor to an ever-advancing civilization.

One tremendously powerful cure of statism, in general, and Marxism, specifically, is learning about the divine economy theory. There are other ways but this is the most balanced and permanent.

Now there is a free email course (5 lessons) to introduce you to the divine economy theory.

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