Not Voting In The Market?

Everyone has their own particular likes and dislikes and with food that is no exception.

Although I aspire towards the paleo diet I am far from practicing any particular diet. I try to be wise and eat nutritiously and so when I go to the grocery store or any market that has foods I look around and choose a few items, yet at the same time that means I am not choosing many others. The fact is that everyone visiting that place of commerce is doing the same. As a consequence, the vendors that fail to sell any particular item are getting a clear message. It is not wanted.

The items that sell readily are being voted for and the items that fail to sell are not voted for.

For some odd reason people lose track of the meaning of their vote when it comes to politics. The odd reason that I mentioned is the heavy contemporary indoctrination in the ideology of statism. In that ideology the myth that the State is necessary for humans is what is commonly believed and it is believed because people were and are improperly educated. The fact that humans naturally socially cooperate never enters their ‘education’ because that would explode the myth that the State is necessary (the State is portrayed as a good when it has always been – from the beginning of the history of humankind – a bad).

Translating the concept of voting – from the voluntary and socially cooperative market process to the political realm – would be significantly different in appearance than what we see now. Not voting in a statist world is really voting.Via this kind of voting the depraved and immoral system would fade away since that is increasing how that system is regarded by the majority. If ‘democracy’ was working, instead of being hijacked by the ideology of statism, then the choice of voluntary social cooperation would gain its proper prominence.

According to the divine economy theory this is the direction humankind is moving towards.

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