Human Action Theory – Gaining Clarity.

We all do it. I am doing it right now and so are you. We are acting, in different ways, all of us, all of the time. It originates from our thought and there is no disputing that your thought and everyone’s thought is subjective. The action stemming from that thought is also subjective.

Yet the better we understand all of this the more perfectly science can be developed.

And so human action theory is a key for opening the door. I am going to share with you a couple of terms initiated by the great human action scientist, Ludwig von Mises. He introduced the term thymology to refer to the subjective human thought and he introduced the term praxeology to refer to the subjective human action.

According to Mises praxeology is the study of purposeful human action. In the divine economy theory praxeology is defined as the study of purposeful human action by spiritual beings.

At this juncture I think it is valuable to show you what Ludwig von Mises hoped would happen in the future:

“The flowering of human society depends on two factors: the intellectual power of outstanding men to conceive sound social and economic theories, and the ability of these or other men to make these ideologiespalatable to the majority.”

Since “praxeology” and “thymology” are not the most palatable of terms I will do what Mises asked and make them more palatable.

Praxeology is human action theory and thymology is human thought theory.

This is now the starting point for everyone to explore further; no longer is there a terminology barrier. That is a valuable first step since all humans have a logical structure of mind that enables them to grasp ideas and concepts and principles and theory. Making these palatable to the majority expands the potential for the human action theory and the human thought theory to advance – more minds will be engaged.

Are you hungry? Here is food for thought.


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