Property Rights Are Human Rights!

There are underlying laws in the physical world, such as gravity, and these are discovered and mastered by objective methods. Despite gravity the eighty or so hot air balloons at the National Balloon Classic in Indianola, Iowa took flight and bedazzled the onlookers and spectators, not because they know how to stop gravity but because they had the materials and the skills to use other physical laws within the confines of the atmosphere to offset the force of gravity.

Likewise, there are laws that operate in the human sphere that pertain to the intellectual and to the spiritual processes and these are discovered by the methodology of subjectivism. For example, the idea that there are human rights is subjectively derived and confirmed yet perfectly valid.

I have never encountered any person who did not know that life is a creative enterprise involving mind over matter, with energy directed towards finding ways to increase happiness and satisfaction. It is understood that this is the human condition. This is not doubted although it is not always achievable. If there are obstacles imposed these are viewed as attacks against human rights.

It turns out that the mirror images of human rights are property rights. The satisfaction and happiness striven after are step by step increases in ownership of those things that are viewed as valuable even including ideal things like peace of mind. In this instance a person attains a degree of contentment and does not want that possession attacked or taken away.

The very foundation of the divine economy model is anchored in these subjective laws that are part of the human operating system. Imagine anchoring the ship of human endeavor with human rights and property rights. That is a strong mooring that will withstand the storms of life!

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