What Is The Next Great Scientific Breakthrough?

There are underlying laws in the physical world, such as gravity, and these are discovered and mastered by objective methods. The natural sciences of chemistry and biology and physics all use empirical methods to discover laws and as these are discovered and applied human civilization advances. For example, as scientists probed the various characteristics of silicon and explored its electromagnetic attributes and its abundance and ways to purify it technologies emerged, and emerged quickly, that monumentally changed the lives of people all over the world. I am in awe of all that we have at our fingertips.How many of us think about how quickly the natural sciences changed the world once the appropriate methodology was learned and was used to learn even more about the natural sciences?

The next leap in scientific advancement, destined to change the fortunes of humankind is the realization that there are laws that operate in the human sphere that pertain to the intellectual and to the spiritual processes, and the next great scientific breakthrough is recognizing that these laws are discovered by the methodology of subjectivism. No one can deny that humans are subjective. Rather than probing deeper to scientifically understand this reality those who dogmatically adhere to the empirical method as the only scientific method try to force a square peg into a round hole. Instead of amazing progress – like when the appropriate scientific methodology was applied to the natural sciences – we see the blight of materialism and countless other afflictions. Using the appropriate scientific methodology will quickly lead to solutions that will advance civilization.

Let me give you an example: The idea that there are human rights is subjectively derived and confirmed yet perfectly valid. This is not the outcome of empirical experimentation.

One step further: It turns out that the mirror image of human rights are property rights.

If you were to venture a guess: What percentage of people – supposedly educated since they went through the school system – have any idea that there is a scientific methodology specific for the study of the human sciences?

One of the great advancements in human sciences – like the way the natural sciences changed the world once the appropriate methodology was learned and used – will carry us forward to an ever-advancing civilization.  The divine economy theory is one application of the methodology of subjectivism that can be used to discover scientific laws and apply them. You will find that the very foundation of the divine economy model is anchored in these subjective laws that are part of the human operating system.

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