Bad Policies Destroy Civilization.

The smoke and mirrors used by the ego-driven interpreters and the ego-driven interventionists to drive civilization further along the road to serfdom will cause the highly sought-after possibility of peace and prosperity to go up in smoke.

Why the smoke and mirrors? To hide the conflagration that is burning away the property rights/human rights of the people of the world. The statists want to hide the destructive fires of their wars and counterfeiting and want to prevent any dissipating winds from reaching the masses who have been taught to adhere to the ideology of statism.

Bad policies can and do destroy civilization but the arrogant and ignorant who are imposing the bad policies do not want any breezes of fresh air to clear the air for the two reasons mentioned above:

  1. The destructive fire of oppression and injustice will be made visible for all to see, and
  2. Given the chance to breathe fresh air the latent minds will gain clarity and the critical thinking that was made dormant will be activated.

In defiance, and completely opposite to these bad policies are the good policies that advance civilization. Let me send you a free PDF with the eleven macroeconomic policies that lead to peace and prosperity.


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