Cashless Society!?!

I will give you three rocks and a frog for that crooked stick with bug holes in it, but only if the stick is strong enough to serve as a sword.

The origin of the push for a ‘cashless society’ comes from the same motivation as leaving the gold standard. The motivation is to gain more control of the wealth of people which is another way of saying it is the next step in the grab of power by the State.

Just like with gold, the propaganda will portray cash as a relic!

And this time not only will your wealth be surreptitiously taken from you but all of your choices will be monitored electronically. Who in their right mind could possibly imagine that giving that kind of information to the State will be good for humanity?

At least, then, no one poked into my business declaring that having a pretend sword and having a human imagination was no longer acceptable to those who lust after control.

Economic freedom is inseparable from all other freedoms and this attack – deceptively and deviously portrayed as a good – is part of the effort of the State to bring about totalitarianism. That is where statism ultimately leads. 

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