The Before-And-After-Socialism Of Statism.

A glutton for punishment does not seem to know that taking the long and familiar road to the same ole stomping grounds yields the same outcome.

As is evident from the rhetoric that we all constantly hear, since it is loudly proclaimed that there is no scarcity but rather, endless abundance, abundance that needs to beshared equally by everyone. This proclaimed endless abundance is the reason for the mesmerizing promises.

A sigh of relief can be heard, a sort of bleat, when the cattle leave the noisy cramped truck into a more spacious chute that leads to. . . uh-oh!

As is evident as soon as the campaign circus is over, scarcity becomes an unavoidable constraint. The shift inevitably occurs and so then the rhetoric changes to the need for everyone to share equally in the tightening of their belts; and those who resist the mandated austerity are ostracized or worse (history shows their fate). How dare they work against the equitableness of the exalted leader who is entitled to live in the shelter of plenty.

It is this charade that is the visible cycle of the ideology of statism, visible to anyone who has even a glimmer of critical thinking skills.

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