Economics, Ethics And Satanic Fancies.

Arranging my thoughts in some sort of priority made me ponder other things. What if I arranged them out of order, and isn’t it true that my priorities can easily change?

In economics the science has been perverted by imposing empiricism which allows the ego-driven interpreters to make the claim that data means whatever will best serve the interests of the ego-driven interventionists.

In ethics the ego-driven interpreters normatively make the false claim to be the ones whose knowledge is omniscient and omnipresent enough to pronounce what is universally best for subjective human beings.

Neither of these errors is possible if, instead, the correct scientific methodology is used. But by turning a blind eye to the methodology of subjectivism these potentially powerful and beneficial sciences are turned into playthings and tools for the satanic fancies of the ego-driven.

Unbeknownst there is something lurking in the dark background and I have the immediate sensation that it will cause my hair to stand on end – so I decide to grab a flashlight. There it is!

The ideology of statism is the breeding ground for these fallacious ‘sciences’ and the consequence is an ever-growing malignant State that causes great suffering to all of humankind.

“The great Satan” is not just one State or another, it is the chimerical myth that human society needs a coercive entity – the State – or else the future is doomed. Until that myth is dispelled the victims (humankind) will be victimized.

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3 thoughts on “Economics, Ethics And Satanic Fancies.

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    • If we continue to use your analogy it is the constraints within a family which allows the development of spiritual maturity. No one thinks that (except an extreme statist like a communist) the family should be replaced by some outside coercive entity that is bureaucratically disconnected from the child and therefore disinterested. The natural nurturing of the family is far superior. The same applies to the voluntary cooperation in a free society where virtues are learned from multiple and various sources of inspiration. This is how ethics form and develop, not by authoritarian rule. Of course multiple generations now have been indoctrinated by State-controlled ‘education’ and State-controlled media so that there is little confidence within people that they can function maturely without the State. In that sense the State is a myth the ideology of statism is one of the superstitions of the Dark Ages of economics which we are currently living in; but the divine economy theory cures humankind of that plague of ignorance:

  2. How would you cause the participants in commercial transactions to account for the negative externalites of their actions? Since humanity is only at the adolescent stage of its spiritual maturation, some parental rules would seem appropriate. At this stage, I believe government (the state) had a duty to facilitate the actualization of human potentials (a role that is similar to those of a parent). It is within this context that those rules which impede the actualization of human potentials should, as libertarians contend, be swept away. However, those rules that would keep a self absorbed and heedless child from poisoning their neighbor or crashing the economy must be retained.

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