Bad Economic News Hiding The Good Economic News!

Overturning rocks reveals critters and some slime; holes and fragments of disintegrating things which make the exploration interesting but I am far more interested in what is happening above all of this.

Looking around, all that can be found is bad economic news. Sure there are examples of great discoveries by and accomplishments of entrepreneurs but they are facing very difficult circumstances and unless they are fortunate enough to have exceptional flexibility even their contributions to the good economic news is fragile.

Unless you are very naïve it is obvious that the reports provided by the governments around the world are doctored to appear rosy for political reasons.

One example of bad economic news is the collapse of the oil production industry and the subsequent absence of increased retail sales despite the dropping of oil prices and the prices of gasoline at the pumps.

Keen to the changing patterns and keen to the nuances within those patterns, there is a macrocosm that dwarfs darkness. As the darkness recedes there is something fresh, the stirring of a spring breeze.

The good economic news that is hidden yet able to be quickly shared and its impact felt universally throughout the economy is the appearance of a new economic technology that has the power to eradicate the true disease of the economy.  Knowledge is always the best means to counter errors that are systemic.

And just in time the basic framework for economic knowledge has been fortified and made whole. The macroeconomic foundation for a healthy economy is contained in “More Than Laissez-Faire” and the microeconomic foundation of the knowledge needed to fight the good battle of true economic science is contained in “The Human Essence of Economics.” The models that are made known in these books represent the new economic technology and that is the good economic news that will dwarf and rectify the unpalatable bad economic news that seems to be dominating the human psyche in these, the Dark Ages of economics.

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