Educayshun Is Not Education.

So what is shunned in educayshun?

The concept that property rights are human rights and that human rights are property rights.

Shunning this is part of the ideology of statism – where there really are no individual rights to ownership – because collectivization is what the State says yields a higher good.

The concept of humans as subjective beings is shunned.

Shunning this is part of the ideology of statism – where individuals are regarded as being as predictable as atoms – because that enables the empiricists to devise schemes that can be used by the State to orchestrate control.

In contrast education is all about the beauty of the human reality and how to release that potential.

Human beings are creative and all of these creations contribute to the higher good. When human creativity is honored and shown respect this is clearly a proper recognition of human rights. Hand in hand, reciprocally and harmoniously, property rights / human rights are the gems that education polishes and the outcome is the advancement of civilization.

Another wondrous feature of education is bringing to fruition the unique contributions that each person has to offer since all humans are subjective and have unmatched experiences in life that make their insights and actions unlike anyone else’s. The great flowering that is wholly unknown until nurtured by a proper education far surpasses the vain imaginings of the myopic empiricists/statists.

The choice is clear. Reject the educayshun provided coercively by the State and find alternative education so human civilization can advance.

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