How To Ensure Success On Your Next Business Trip – Tip #1.

There are ways to succeed in your field of expertise and I wish you the best in your execution of those methods and techniques. In addition, most business trips have some more or less lull periods of travel or of adjusting to lodging accommodations. To use this time to gain an understanding of economics would make the business trip even more of a success.

Your first thought may be that it seems impossible to get your mind around economics in such a short period of time. But what if I was to tell you that in the spare time that one has during a typical business trip you can read “More Than Laissez-Faire” and learn more about economics from a macroeconomic perspective than by any other means – that includes all those boring economics books or the useless ‘economics’ that is being taught in high schools and colleges.

The challenge is to test this claim.

“More Than Laissez Faire” is 96 pages long with 65 diagrams – all conceptual – using the methodology of subjectivism which means that there are none of the boring, useless numbers that are typical of the status quo empirical analysis. Fortunately you will find that this excellent book is written in such a way that both a general audience and an economics-minded-reader will enjoy.

As a result, when you complete your business trip you will really feel like it was very productive and very successful!

Read it in your room or at a lounge.

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