Empiricism Is A Scourge to Human Diversity!

To treat humans as data is not only unscientific and unethical but it also lays the foundation for dehumanization.

Human beings think and act subjectively and no amount of “physics envy” can change the natural law that humans are subjective beings in all ways that are worthy of scientific inquiry beyond just their physiology. Those who ignore this reality are unscientific. Those who try to impose the scientific method of empiricism (which is appropriate for the natural sciences) on that which is subjective are either ignorant of the correct scientific method for the human sciences or agents of extreme materialism.

To the empiricist studying humans means collecting data and interpreting the data. Both of these are foolhardy. The data does not and cannot encapsulate the human thought or action, and further, the interpretation of the data is purely a vain imagining of someone who is ego-driven enough to arrogantly assume that they are omniscient!

Now consider the diversity of human beings – every person is unique in infinite ways and the wider the differences between the cultures experienced throughout one’s life the greater the diversity of the subjectiveness. The absurd empiricist claims that they can capture these essences in the form of data and the absurd ego-driven empiricist hails his or her ego-driven interpretation of the data as “scientific.”

Reduced to points of data human diversity is only a mere whim of the empiricist;  he or she using “diversity” as a talking point only if it furthers the schemes of the interventionists who rely on the ego-driven interpreters of data to justify and glorify their ego-driven interventions.

The reality – the fact – is that humans are infinitely diverse and subjective. Without the correct scientific methodology of subjectivism the cultures and societies and the individuals that compose them are rendered soulless. The push and trend is horrifically towards materialism. And not surprising, the agency that prospers in this fictitious world of empiricism is the State. It must control and to do so it must dehumanize.

Part of stopping the ideology of statism is getting rid of the scourge of empiricism. It is not the scientific method for the human sciences. It is the scourge of human diversity.

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