Divine Economy Theory In Retrospect.

Although in the past the Divine Economy Model © never appeared to anyone the concept of the divine economy was understood for millennia in the classical liberalism tradition. Of course, then, the divine economy theory is rooted in that tradition.

Here is the storyline:

I am an Austrian economist and my specialty is the divine economy theory. I have been a student of Austrian economics since I first encountered it in Auburn, Alabama in 1985 when I became a member of the Ludwig von Mises Institute. From that point forward I studied Austrian economics and classical liberalism.

In late 2004 the Divine Economy Model © appeared to me in a dream and because of my technical training in Austrian economics and classical liberalism I was able to unfold the hidden dimensions of that simple model. What resulted is a very powerful new perspective and a new economic technology for macroeconomics, microeconomics, ethical economics and economic justice.

This new economic technology has the power to eradicate the ideology of statism.

Now it is my honor and responsibility to play my part in re-educating humanity – both by helping those who know only statism to unlearn that scourge; and to help the young to learn the principles of classical liberalism, unfettered by the fallacious doctrines of statism.

If you want to help consider circulating this blog entry to any of your friends and family that may also be interested.

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