The Dual Nature Of Ego.

Humans are conscious of themselves and their relation to the world around them. Yet human consciousness has limitations, and errors of consciousness create real problems in the world.

This is where the ego comes into play. The ego can be the engine of consciousness or it can be the agent of concealment that consequently steers an individual in the wrong direction.

The ideal, yet achievable expression of the ego is to ‘know thyself” and by its very nature the ego is perfectly suited and motivated to do exactly that. This is all a part of the discovery of the powers of consciousness. It also leads to an understanding of the limitations facing each individual. Humans always face imperfect knowledge and yet this is what fulfills the irresistible desire  to “know oneself.” It is this uniqueness that ultimately completely satisfies the ego and also defines the limitation that binds the ego. Each human is subjective. Each individual can only really draw closer to completely knowing oneself and is restricted from comprehending the specific uniqueness of anyone else.

An ego power-trip may conceal the magnificence of human subjectivity and trick certain individuals into believing that their values are the ‘best’ and implying , at the very least, that these values should be adhered to by others, ignoring the right of others to have their own subjective values.

So what we have is the dual nature of the ego:

1.     A beautiful striving/searching after the unique qualities and characteristics which compose and constitute human consciousness for that individual.

2.     An ego-driven illusion that treads on the reality of others and which internally (psyche) fools the ego-driven one to think that such a perspective is normal.

The ego-driven create real problems in the world through imposition of their interpretations or their interventions. The man-made, corrupt institution that enables the ego-driven to impose their will on others is the State which takes on many different forms and shapes within any and all cultures that follow the ideology of statism.

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