Ubiquitous Ethical Dilemmas Caused By Statism.

The list is so incredibly long and so this blog will be updated as examples are sent to me. If you provide a link with your example I will make sure that all readers of this blog will be able to go to the source.

So take a minute to look through the list as it grows and if you want to add another example either put it in the comment box or send it to my email address: divineeconomyconsulting@gmail.com

Here we go:

  • Sending a portion of the money that you earn to provide for yourself and your loved ones to an inefficient bureaucracy to administer according to its political objectives!
  • Forced to pay for an ‘educational system’ that indoctrinates students in the ideology of statism, perpetuating this erroneous and immoral way of viewing the world.
  • Serving bureaucratic rules instead of the specific needs of those who you seek your assistance.
  • Using a money that is ‘legal tender’ even though it is being counterfeited because it is illegal to use commodity money.
  • Having the spirit of charity undermined by a growing dependency upon a welfare system that is really just a cog in the machinery of statism.
  • Having to tolerate mass murder conducted by the State because it is redefined to justify the actions of the State and to refuse to pay your ‘portion’ is illegal and because to object is ‘unpatriotic and subversive.’

What are your examples?

For an updated list go here.

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