Consultation Is The Best Means To Attain The Ends Chosen And . . .

. . . it is also the best means for choosing the ends!

Whoa! This powerful tool, therefore, has the potential to most effectively address the economic solutions and the ethical issues for humankind – universally – in this, the Age of the inter-connectivity of everyone on the planet.

What this means is that the skill of consultation is a premium skill. Anyone or any institution that has knowledge of the principles of consultation and that has real and applicable experience with consultation skills; these have a great gift to bestow upon the rest of us.

If the skills of consultation – the art and the science of consultation – increase within human civilization it is inevitable that the best means to accomplish anything will continually be discovered (empowering the economic forces) and it is inevitable that the ends chosen will continually advance in merit (empowering ethical development).

The true leaders who serve as catalysts for the advancement of human civilization will search high and low to acquire knowledge about consultation and to master those skills, and to share that knowledge with others. Consequently economics and ethics will be the potent forces of change and as a result human civilization will advance beautifully.

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