A New Economic Technology That Eradicates Statism.

A new technology exists that is one of the most potent remedies to statism, it is more potent than ‘laissez-faire’ because it proves that there is no moral authority for any economic intervention. Additionally it restores natural law to its proper scientific place and extirpates moral relativity. “More Than Laissez-Faire” is the first book in the four book series about the divine economy theory.

The new technology is the divine economy model and its derivatives. Each model – there is one for macroeconomics, one for microeconomics, one for ethical economics, and one for economic justice – is wholly integrated with one another and is anchored to the classical liberalism tradition.

Because these models are comprehensive, yet profoundly penetrating within each of these four disciplinary realms of economics, they constitute a new technology which inspires further discoveries and spawns the new ideological framework that will replace statism and will possibly be the most potent agent for the eradication of the ideology of statism.

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