Which Google AdWords Title Would Arouse The Most Interest?

Macroeconomics Without Empiricism.

Human Action Macroeconomics.

Transformation Macroeconomics.

Market Process Macroeconomics.

Law & Order Macroeconomics.

Purposeful Action Macroeconomics.

Entrepreneurial Macroeconomics.

Prosperity Macroeconomics.

Macroeconomics of Diversity.

Best Macroeconomics Book.

Newest Macroeconomics Book.

Most Complete Macroeconomics Book.

Macroeconomics of Liberty.

Macroeconomics of Freedom.

Macroeconomics of Peace.

Macroeconomics of Unity.

These are descriptive titles that give a hint of the conceptual content of “More Than Laissez-Faire” but some are better than others at arousing interest.

Which ones do you like?

Which ones do you not like?

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