Negating Social Cooperation Leads To Injustices.

Here’s what I have discovered to be a good understanding of justice: justice is that which promotes social cooperation.

Maybe the converse will make it clearer: That which negates or interferes with social cooperation necessarily yields injustice.

All voluntary actions between people are examples of social cooperation and the result is an improvement of circumstances, in other words, wealth (material and or ideal) is generated.

It is necessary to understand that voluntary action has to be the absolute condition, in other words, the action cannot involve taking the property of someone else (since that would not fit the definition of voluntary) who is removed from the scene.

And so here and there and everywhere we have the State which is 1). Negating and interfering with social cooperation, and 2). Taking the property of someone else (since it has no property other than what it has taken from someone else) which makes it clear and evident that here and there and everywhere injustice appears as a consequence. If there was a regression theorem of justice all or most (in this era of statism) of the injustices that are afflicting humanity could be traced back to the negation of social cooperation conducted by the State.

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