Subsidiarity Is The Missing Puzzle Piece.

Everyone is looking around to find a solution to the political problems everywhere around the world and yet the missing puzzle piece is found in the philosophy of classical liberalism. That missing puzzle piece is subsidiarity: the principle of devolving decisions to the lowest practical level.

Sure, federalism is a natural part of social cooperation but what must be taken into account at all times are the consequences of increased State power. Federalism without constraints centralizes State power and that tendency towards centralization is because monopoly power over laws is eliminative, always favoring moving towards more monopoly power and more centralization. The counterbalance to the inherent weaknesses of federalism is subsidiarity.

This necessity of subsidiarity simply makes sense since civilization is for the good of humans, not for the embellishment of an institutional structure that is constantly trying to extract wealth and power from the people.

Those who are anarcho-capitalists would say that the lowest practical level for decision-making is the individual. But that does not mean that individuals cannot socially cooperate and consult and as a result design voluntary means to reach the ends chosen. In other words, all of the functions that are a part of society are present and working smoothly even under what can be described as anarchy, in this case anarcho-capitalism.

Of course the proponents of statism want only to emphasize federalism; and what has happened is almost a complete disappearance of subsidiarity from common vocabulary. How many people ever learn about it in the State-controlled ‘education’ system or from the State-controlled media? Lost also is the philosophy of classical liberalism despite the fact that it was the foundation for the magnificent Western Civilization.

Disappearance of the meaning of subsidiarity or of the principles of classical liberalism is not some accident. Both of these are antithetical to the State and so the intent is to remove these and other aspects of liberalism from the minds of young and old alike.

Puzzled? Subsidiarity is a key component of a civilization built upon the principles of classical liberalism. It’s time to solve the puzzle!!!

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