The “Untouchables” In Classical Liberalism/Austrian Economics.

Within classical liberalism there are (were) certain ‘untouchables’ that were translated as insurmountable barriers, such as the connection between economics and ethics and the connection between economics and justice. Perhaps it is true that an entrepreneurial spirit is required when approaching those thresholds, an entrepreneurial spirit plus an artistic license to express content in a new way. The best science blends science and art.

With entrepreneurial insight the interchangeability between and overlap among means and ends indicates – signals – that what is more closely aligned with reality is the notion that economics and ethics are inseparable!

With entrepreneurial insight the whole phenomenon of social cooperation, that is at the heart of the economy and constituting the essence of justice, reveals itself like a vast and majestic mural adorning the temple of human social evolution.

Does ‘your economics’ satisfy you scientifically and artistically? Have you ‘learned’ that it is not expected to be able to do such a thing? Delve into and enjoy the exploration of the divine economy theory.

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