Classical Liberalism Homeschool Textbook For Macro And Micro Economics.

Whatever the age of the person, when the curiosity arises or the need emerges to further one’s understanding about how the economy works naturally there is now a textbook that explains exactly that. The economy is not a plaything to be used by ego-driven interventionists but rather it is a beautiful, powerful, and dynamic part of human civilization that is a manifestation of human cooperation.

What is truly unique about “Macro & Micro Economics Renewed” is the causal-realistic model at its core. The model fully embraces the subjective nature of humans at both the macro and micro level.

Each chapter fits together as an overarching story and each chapter ends with thought-provoking questions.

The end result will be a great love for and knowledge of the economy and of its agents –magnificent human beings – and an irrepressible desire to eliminate all statism.

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