Stop The Destruction Of The Ecology Of Human Social Cooperation!

It is known that humans disrupt the ecology of the forest and it is generally a known fact that the powerful equilibrium forces re-establish the process of ecological balance. No one in their right mind would think that disruption should be continuous and cumulatively more and more invasive and destructive of the ecology. Who could be so ignorant of the negative consequences?

The same exact effect occurs with the economy. The market process is driven by powerful equilibrium forces. Property rights are like the forest soil which is a key  determinant of the potential of the forest. If the soil is disturbed and eroded the magnificence of the original forest may never or only in the very far distance be ever able to return to its full potential.

The ego-driven interventionists are ignorant of their destructiveness of the economy and of negative impact of their continual disruption of the equilibrium forces. In these – the Dark Ages of economics – people have been indoctrinated in the statist ideology and so they foolishly and simply sit back and watch as the ecology of human social cooperation (the economy) is being destroyed by the ego-driven interventionists.

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