Is There A Comprehensive, Integrated, Economic Theory Series Of Textbooks?

I am the author of a macroeconomics textbook – “More Than Laissez-Faire” – and the author of a microeconomics textbook – “The Human Essence of Economics” – and the author of an ethical economics textbook – “Ethical Economics For Today and Tomorrow” – and the author of an economic justice textbook – “Liberty & Justice of Economic Equilibrium”.

While studying economics at Auburn University in the mid 1980’s I discovered Austrian economics and the Ludwig von Mises Institute (I have been a member ever since). My earnest study of classical liberalism continued unabated.

Then in late 2004 I had a dream and in the dream an image of a model appeared. I quickly sketched it out. In the morning I was intrigued by what I had dreamt! Over the next seven years, as an economist technically trained in Austrian economics and classical liberalism, I developed the model at the macro and micro level and then I extended the model further, into the mostly untapped realms of ethics and economic justice.

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