According To Natural Law . . .

According to natural law a rock is a rock, a plant is a plant, an animal is an animal, and a human is a human. This implies that there are unique characteristics specific to humans. The old ontological model assumes that the distinction between humans and animals is their intelligence, for instance the ability to use reason and conceptualize. The new ontological model includes the spiritual nature of humans. Humans have the capacity to know and see the Names and Attributes of God in all things and therefore humans have the capacity to love God and to be aware that they are loving God.

Yet humans have a dual nature and can choose to favor the animalistic tendency of mortality. So instead of having a vision with a broad horizon it is narrow. The narrower it gets the more ego-driven it tends to be. Hence we have statists who cannot see all the negative consequences of their ego-driven intervention and as a result they not only seek power to implement their desires but also they seek ephemeral power and wealth purely for its own sake.

These are the ones who perpetuate the plague of these – the Dark Ages of economics – but these are the ones who will be shunned and ostracized to the point of isolation in the future. All ego-driven interpretation and all ego-driven intervention will be purged from human civilization which means that the disease of the ideology of statism will be cured.

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