Divine Economy Theory Exposes And Erases Marx and Keynes.

One of the distinguishing features of the divine economy is the absence of the ego-driven interventionists. The logic of the divine economy theory proves that intervention into the economy is a corruption. Therefore to transform the economy from its current stricken condition to its preordained state of affairs, the interventionists need to be rendered impotent.

Divine economy theory proves that there is no authority given to any human to intervene for the simple reason that no mind could possibly foresee all of the consequences. All acts of intervention ultimately create injustices in the world.

The two most well known interventionists are Karl Marx and Lord Keynes. It is no coincidence that each of these individuals were tremendous egotists. Their designs for the world were merely delusions of grandeur that were spurred on by their ego. This spiritual illness, them being consumed by their egos, is reflected in their economic views. Theirs is the dishonor of being unquestionably known as interventionists extraordinaire.

We are now entering a new era in economic theory, one which is freed from the shackles of intervention. There is no longer any reason to pay any attention to the fallacious theories of ego-driven interventionists. A great deal of the current economic plight and blight stems directly from adherence to their doctrines.

It is time to erase the names and doctrines of Marx and Keynes from modern economic thought since the expression of their dark natures in ‘economic and political literature’ caused mankind to trudge through a very dark period in history – one that is full of injustices and corruption.

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