Language, Natural Law, And Inherent Truth-Seeking.

One of the unique features of humans according to natural law is the ability to seek after truth. As evidence of this we saw the development of language which did not happen in animals.

Human language is distinctive in its descriptive nature which means that it is used to describe things and this can be done to the nth degree. The reason this reflects the nature of humans to seek after truth is because the described identification is either that specific something or it is not, the identification is either true or not. Another way that human language is distinctive is in its argumentative nature which enables all things to be tested by using conjunctions (and & or, for example) and it is by this comparing and contrasting and examining that the nature of humans to seek after truth is exercised. In other words humans developed language because they inherently are seekers after truth.

Human language serves as one of the most potent tools for fulfilling the human reality as it helps us to investigate the truth of statements and whether inferences are correct or not. For instance it is the tool that we have used to formulate natural law!

Unlike animals humans are not tied to perceptions of the senses and can think abstractly which leads to the derivation  of  words and humans can make explicit inferences moving from one concept to another. All of these are relative to the subjective self, a self-consciousness which is uniquely human. A self-consciousness that inherently is truth-seeking.

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