What Did The State Look Like In Its Early Stages?

In early human history conflicts occurred between individuals or ‘communities’ over scarce resources but since flight was an alternative the frequency of battles were fairly low. Once the ego-driven institution of the State (it looked quite different in its early stages) emerged then conflicts turned into wars with much more frequency and the subsequent power grabs incubated the later stages of the State that more closely resemble the modern day scourge.

Since it is an ego-driven institution, in the early stages it took on the characteristics of the aggressive and oppressive individual(s) who imposed his (mostly) or her ego-driven interpretation about what is best. In later stages the ego-driven institution of the State became a bureaucracy with the same ill-natured characteristics of aggression and oppression, only more powerful and less accountable.

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One thought on “What Did The State Look Like In Its Early Stages?

  1. An alternative view that draws on some left wing theory. In societies that discovered agriculture they saw the need for private property beyond just a few personal items. To this end they established some institutions to protect said property. In the begining these institutions may have been voluntarily hired but as time went on they became coercive, IE they didn’t allow people to choose whether to use their “services” or not. Thus was born the state.

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