The Progress Of Civilization.

One of the characteristics of an ever-advancing civilization is the increasingly pervasive influence of the division of labor. Division of labor extends further and further throughout societies and more and more people participate. Also the division of labor becomes more and more intensive with higher and higher degrees of specialization.

In parallel, social evolution advances both subjectively and objectively. It advances subjectively as the number of people in the world increases and as the number of people participating in the division of labor increases. It advances objectively as the aims of the division of labor activities become more and more in synch with the betterment of humankind.

The two monumental entrepreneurial directions that will receive a great deal of attention as a new civilization that is worldwide in scope unfolds will fulfill this process that is driven by and an expression of the division of labor. One is converting the boundary-laden world based on the physical limitations of the planet into one that is more or less digital, one that takes into account the almost unbounded intellectual potentialities that were pretty much unknown when the current structure of civilization took shape.

The other monumental entrepreneurial direction that will characterize the ever-advancing civilization will come about through the specialization associated with division of labor in the ethical realm. Another untapped area of human potential, that no longer will be stifled by superstitions and traditions, will be the extension and intensification of the acquisition and application of human virtues. This represents a replacement of the limitations of the boundary-laden world based on the physical limitations of the planet and its people with the unbounded spiritual potentialities that have suffered in a world consumed by materialism and atheism.

Apart from the scientific fact that the State is destructive of human civilization it is also unquestionably evident that the direction forward has no need of or room for a nationalistic, restrictive, materialistic, and atheistic institution such as the State.

It is time to discard the negative consequences of the slavery of statism and it is time to venture forward by pursuing the stateless world of prosperous and diverse societies composing an ever-advancing civilization.

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