Descriptive Words, Concise And Powerful, Counteract The Half-truths of Statism.

Sure, economic theory is made evident by reason and logic and it can be described with great intricacies that are irrefutable. But not everyone has the interest in delving in deeply. It remains true, though, that understanding economic laws is as vital as understanding physical laws like gravity and temperature and so there is an irresistible desire to understand.

Those who understand economics and can convey the knowledge of economics in a concise and powerful way provide a valuable service to humankind. Since the ideology of statism is built upon half-truths that cannot withstand the scrutiny of reason and logic when put to the test it is really important that those of us who have knowledge of economic laws find a way to give it descriptively, effectively, and in a style and length that matches well with the attention span and interest level allotted by people to the study of economic concepts in these frenetic times.

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