Interventionism Often Is “Forced Development.”

As I mention in my book, More Than Laissez-Faire, interventionism is an ego-driven corruption of the economy. Most often interventionism is due to ignorance of the divine nature of the economy. This ignorance emboldens the interventionist to try to ‘fix’ the economy.

With regard to fixing the economy: At best it is naive to think that all of the consequences over time can be foreseen. At worst it is a blatent disregard for any consequences other than the ones faced by a favored group for the immediate future.

“Forced development” is a descriptive term that exposes this sleight-of-hand. Resources are coercively extracted from the whole and channeled towards a particular project which is then held up as ‘progress.’ It may even appear as progress but almost any project that has forced funding and use of coercively extracted resources will appear to be successful. It is not difficult to see that this ‘progress’ is ego-driven and it is not difficult to see that this is the first appearance in a whole series of corruptions.

Eminent domain is an example of ‘forced development’.

It should come as no surprise that politicians and their cohorts are the primary advocates of ‘forced development.’ Concurrently, these are the same ones who operate as interventionists, and who corrupt the economy by their ego-driven ignorance of the divine economy.

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