Inflation Series – Inflation Is A Form Of Bribery.

Inflation: Artificial expansion of the money supply

The classic view of bribery is a brown paper envelop exchanged in secret for the purpose of gaining special favors. It doesn’t take much of a deviation from this classic example to include inflation as one of the forms of bribery.

The exchange is done in secret in two ways. The counterfeiting by the central banks is done quickly and shamelessly with no accountability in any real sense and so it is unseen. The exchange takes place as if everything is normal and moral – by large, well-known entities.

The carrier of the ‘brown paper envelop’ has no objection since that is what provides its slice of wealth from the inflation bribery pie.

Of course the main purpose of the bribery has to do with gaining special favors but this is definitely not a one-sided arrangement. The recipients of the counterfeited money gain wealth instantly and use it to further its goals, often by extending its influence by furthering the reach of bribery down the line. The other side of the bribery exchange also benefits because acting as the agent supplying counterfeit money is the most lucrative of all positions to be in.

I don’t know if you noticed the implications of this process. It has the tendency to continue to extend further and further, corrupting the entire society. It starts as a counterfeit operation and eventually changes the ethical nature of the society into a counterfeit society suffering from a lack of any ethical or moral foundation.

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