Ethics As It Pertains To Subjective Human Beings.

In scarcity terms there is one and only one subjective person that can make a claim to one’s own person and as a matter of fact that same person has knowledge that is unique and subjective. This ‘ownership’ is what can be regarded as a human right and all human rights are property rights just like all property rights are human rights.

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One thought on “Ethics As It Pertains To Subjective Human Beings.

  1. I do admire your encapsulating certain fundamentals, and relate them to a sense of ‘ownership’/proprietorship that remains a dominant impulse for most people living out of shops and not knowing anything else, or better. The idea that one’s corpus remains one’s realm of sovereign independence that is subject to none, save via one’s consent is fundamental to the idea of human freedom as well as human rights, including property/ownership. The conditions of the consent of course is solved – when it emerges as a ‘natural’ problem by the same logic of inter-dependence of that right with the recognition of the same right of others. Many often term it also as a possible condition of civilized anarchy that should hopefully follow contemporary human development. While the nadirs of humanity remain, relating it to this impulse of ‘ownership’/proprietorship somehow limits, to my mind, the wider scope of this basic recognition that also remains ancient. It actually does wonderfully to transcend the ‘proprietorship condition’ and move towards a more civilized anarchical existence that is seen as a limitation by more radicals who would seek to include the planet within the human realm, given humanity’s continued status as nature’s creation, and move further. Excellent indeed. Thanks for sharing it.

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