Secession Is Really Just Subsidiarity.

Balance and harmony and reciprocity are all part of the natural order. Subsidiarity is the reciprocal of federation and both are necessary for the advancement of civilization.

Federation is beneficial but when it is allowed to go beyond the bounds of moderation it is nothing but centralization which is obviously a movement towards tyranny.The rising cries for secession from the tyranny of centralization are really just the equilibrium forces at work, the appearance of moderating forces to move the order of things towards balance and harmony.

These are the early stages necessary for freedom of thought and the subsequent evolution and maturation of ethics. One of the great outcomes of ethical development will be the recognition that the ideology of statism is harmful to human civilization. 

When this arbitrary and ego-driven approach is finally relegated to the dustheap of fallacious doctrines it will be seen what wonders are possible for an unshackled humanity. The philosophy of classical liberalism provides the theoretical proof that there is not a void left behind when the State is dissolved but rather it is like a bird released from its cage.

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One thought on “Secession Is Really Just Subsidiarity.

  1. I’m fascinated by the political, philosophical, and societal tension between ideas often mistaken as opposing when such ideas can also be complimentary. Allowing the forces articulated in your post to play out would be messy. But, it is what we need to do, and after some adjustment would be much less messy that what we have now. Following the original understanding of the constitution would, theoretically, be much better as well. What we really need to follow, however, is our own Declaration of Independence.

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