Ego-Driven Interpretation And Ego-Driven Interventionism Spawned The State.

The origin of communism stems from heretical Christianity. Several early clerics succumbed to their own ego-driven interpretation, which lead them to conclude that property within the city-states should be common and these clerics embarked on social experiments of communism. From these origins came other ego-driven interpreters, trying their hands at replication. Later on, ego-driven interventionists came upon the scene and to them the need for a religious foundation dropped out yet pursuance of the perverse ideals of communism continued.

The emergence of the State and its prejudice of nationalism stems from the breaking of the Covenant of Muhammad. The epoch of human civilization that received the Dispensation of Muhammad cradled within itself the inherent characteristics of nationhood. Muhammad verbally appointed Ali as His Successor but once the Covenant was violated the means to carry out the true nature of the nation disappeared precisely during this epoch of fundamental nation-building. Instead of having a divine civilization characteristic of the time of nation-building what emerged was an ego-driven alternative. The energies released for the betterment of human civilization were used instead to gain power and led to the formation of the State. Thus we entered into a period of history where, instead of a divine civilization, the highest attainment was the darkness of nationalism.

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