Commercial Aspect to Virtues – Assertiveness.

Nobody can read your mind. If you take it upon yourself to make sure that others know what is important to you then you can claim to be assertive.
The market is a dynamic process and it requires some assertive behavior to function properly. The alert entrepreneurs are actually assertive about the discrepancies that they find and they are assertive in applying their subsequent action.
It is this dispersal of knowledge that results from the actions taken by the entrepreneurs that keeps the whole system working and keeps knowledge flowing. Assertive and active entrepreneurs are, therefore, major contributors to the elimination of ignorance.
Here we have entrepreneurship as an example of the service emerging from assertiveness. By acquiring and practicing assertiveness the speed and accuracy of the flow of knowledge will improve, leading to the discovery of more opportunities. A ‘premium,’a price, is ascribed to the practice of the virtue, in this case ‘assertiveness.’ In other words, there is a commercial aspect to the virtue. It is a ‘traceable’ market phenomenon.
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