Commercial Aspect to Virtues – Patience.

There is no way that everything can be understood instantaneously. Processing and understanding takes time. Those who are patient are known for their wisdom – a wisdom that comes from the practice of patience.

The same is true for production. It takes time. The goods and services that people want need to be generated. Those who can envision and nurture the production process patiently over time render a great service.

Everyone can participate in this patience-requiring production process by exercising patience themselves – exhibited in their lives by saving. This saving and investment then converts into the much needed capital used in production processes, which can be seen as the economic equivalent to patience since capital represents goods for the future.

Here we have capital as one example of the ‘tangible goods and services’ emerging from patience. By acquiring and practicing patience, errors from short-sighted decisions will decrease and the savings necessary for economic growth will more likely be available. A ‘premium,’a price, is ascribed to the practice of the virtue, in this case ‘patience.’ In other words, there is a commercial aspect to the virtue. It is a ‘traceable’ market phenomenon.

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