Commercial Aspect to Virtues – Courtesy.

No one is offended by being treated with courtesy. It inspires greater respect for oneself and, most definitely, greater respect for the courteous person.

Since the market is the embodiment of social cooperation, courtesies become the norm. If it is courteous to be on time that becomes the standard, ‘out of courtesy.’ And each time these courteous practices are applied the social relationships advance to new levels of mutual respect. As a consequence cooperation and coordination improves.

Here we have market cooperation and coordination as an example of the service emerging from courtesy. By acquiring and practicing courtesy work relationships will change and there will be a tremendous increase in productivity since cooperation and coordination will increase. A ‘premium,’ a price, is ascribed to the practice of the virtue, in this case ‘courtesy.’ In other words, there is a commercial aspect to the virtue. It is a ‘traceable’ market phenomenon.

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